Multiple choices of interpreters or translators at different levels

Available to the readable level, the referential level, the publishable level, the professionally publishable level and the level of native speakers


Quality assurance system

In accordance with IS09001 quality management standards, the responsibility system by the quality manager of the translation project will be strictly implemented.


Confidentiality system

The confidentiality agreement will be signed to guarantee the privacy of the customer's documents.


The lifetime after-sales service

As long as the original text is unchanged, the after-sale service will include further modification with lifetime guarantee.



Company documents

Technical manuals: Patent specifications, product specifications, industry standards, technical standards, design specifications, feasibility reports, installation manuals, maintenance manuals, spare parts manuals, technological process instructions, etc.

Economy and trade: Bidding documents, company profiles, articles of association, contracts or agreements, product catalogs, business plans, sales manuals, market research reports, financial analysis, audit reports, business letters, faxes, memos, etc.

Laws and regulations: Regulations on professional management, regulations on company management , laws and regulations, management regulations, announcement or notices, legal certificates, etc.

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Personal documents

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, household registration, personal resumes, admission application, academic certificates, academic transcript, job application, visa application, certification documents, correspondences, invitation letter, letters of attorney, etc. Click to consult the customer service

Seal for translation, proofreading, and polishing

YGYM Translation Service has been filed with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Public Security, with the qualifications of a legal translation company, whose validity is officially recognized by the state. Applicable to such contexts as the entry and exit procedures, qualification certification, identity certification, notarization, court uses, etc.;

YGYM Translation Service offers the services of proofreading and polishing by expert-level translators, native-speaking translators at home and abroad, so that the documents for your company could be guaranteed with specialization and accuracy. Click to consult the customer service



Escort interpreter

Escort in visiting, traveling, shopping, product introduction, on-site installation, on-site temporary translation, work training, business negotiation, medium-sized meetings, report meetings, large-scale conferences, press conferences, video dubbing, TV and radio dubbingClick to consult the customer service

Listening and translation, dubbing

Listening and translation, dubbing

Listening and translation, dubbing

1. Video translation, audio translation 2. Audio dictation, transcription 3. Video and subtitle recording, alignment of the time axis 4. Video dubbing, audio dubbing, or dubbing in other languages Click to consult the customer service
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